Adverts for Literary, Academic or Community Organisations

Your advert in Willesden Herald New Short Stories 12?

Organisations, would you like to help fund our current project, Willesden Herald: New Short Stories 12? We are open to including page adverts of a literary, community or educational nature in the forthcoming anthology. We have never applied for or received any public funding.

In return we will include a permanent “supported by” icon and link of your choice on this website and mention in book publicity.

The Willesden Herald blog regularly receives hundreds of page views per day. Your logo/link and “Supported By” would be displayed alongside posts. This New Short Stories WordPress blog doesn’t have quite that many page views at present but it would also display the “Supported By” credit and link. Visitors to our blog hail from many countries but mainly Britain and America.

We think that readers of our books and visitors to New Short Stories and Willesden Herald websites are likely to be interested in things literary, artistic or academic. They could be aspiring writers or involved in the arts. Remember, adverts in books will be in circulation for a number of years.

The printers we use have production and distribution facilities in the US,  UK and Australia. “Willesden Herald: New Short Stories 12” will be available worldwide by print on demand. We can also arrange print runs on favourable terms when bulk orders are requested. Enquiries to

Previous highlights:

Photo: Liam Hogan introducing results event for New Short Stories 8 at Brent Artists’ Resource, Willesden