Word counts that get through? Various

When the short story competition was running, someone asked about the word counts for stories that get through. I started to write this response and I’ve only finished today, so it’s a bit late as the competition is no more. Still, I went to the trouble to get these stats, so here goes.

The word counts for all past first prize winners of the Willesden Herald short story competition were: 2977, 2261, 6362, 4483, 7658*, 4960, 3637, 3033, 7448, 5837 and 1381.

The word count for each of the stories in Willesden Herald: New Short Stories 9: 4670, 4455, 6708, 5837, 1693, 6920, 2972, 6455, 3749 and 2260.

For our Short Story of the Month feature, we’re looking for stories in the range 1500 to 4500. For your info, if you’re a writer reading this in September 2018, the deadline for October’s selection is Friday 21 September. It’s always the second-last Friday of every month.

* The limit was 8000 that year, 7500 in other years. There was never a minimum.