What deadline, what books, what fig rolls?

Sometime on or before the second-last Friday of every month, I have to select the short story of the month for the next month. The book that goes to the writer comes from boxes of new books left over after our online shop closed. I’m sure you can’t wait to hear what the stock levels are for each book, can you? (Stay, I’m afraid the doors are locked.)

Short Stories
New Short Stories 1: 6
New Short Stories 3: 2
New Short Stories 4: 0
New Short Stories 5: 3
New Short Stories 6: 2
New Short Stories 7: 3
New Short Stories 8: 2
New Short Stories 9: 2
New Short Stories 10: 1
Fish Drink Like Us: 3
100/1 bar

Last Night’s Dream Corrected: 5
Southernmost Point Guesthouse: 5

Fig Rolls
We no longer supply fig rolls. Mrs Haverty please note.


P.S. I will update the numbers from time to time. Last updated 28/12/2018.

Author: SJ Moran

At the time of typing this, I am editor of Willesden Herald "Story of the Month". I also write poetry and fiction, and some of my words have gone out into the world in print as well as online. Website: www.sjmoran.com